Welcome to the Student Radio Survival Guide

Welcome to the Student Radio Survival Guide! Specifically created to assist student radio stations in the UK, this site covers everything you’ll need to know about student radio.

Whilst this site has been designed primarily for student radio, several sections of this website will be relevant to anyone interested in radio, working in the industry or otherwise.

The site is the brainchild of Ian Devlin, a former Development Officer of the Student Radio Assocition. Ian was involved with student radio for over six years. Ian thought it would be a waste not to share the knowledge I’ve built up over the years. Hence created this website, which he hopes will be useful to you in running, creating or expanding your radio station.

Obviously there’s not much here yet – it will take time to upload the full pages of notes Ian made over the last few years into a coherent and useful series of pages.

If there’s anything you would like more information about, feel free to get in touch.

Keep on rocking the microphone!